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Protocolo de actuación en caso de accidente Tarjetas A y B

Very important : If you have on one card  Assistance C you should consult  the  Protocol of action in case of accident Card C .


The Assistance Medical guaranteed in the policy will be provided by the Centers Medical or optional concluded by the Bank Insurance .

In the process of communication is must meet mandatory in all the cases , the following steps :

1. You must complete the Party of accidents . That part shall be signed and sealed by the Policyholder , Federation Club / Entity Deportiva or College , relevant and signed by the Insured , Student affected / injured .

Download part of accident

2. The accident must be reported after its occurrence to the insurance company by calling the Service Center 24 hours MARKEL, phone:debe comunicado inmediatamentedespués de su ocurrencia a la compañía aseguradora, llamando al Centro de Atención 24 horas de MARKEL, teléfono:

902 01 01 66

Telephone communication should be facilitated by:comunicación telefónica debe facilitarse:

  • Datos personales del lesionado.
  • Datos del Tomador y colectivo al que pertenece.
  • Place, Date and form of occurrence.Fecha y forma de ocurrencia.
  • Descripción de los daños físicos.

Once collected this data, the call center will provide the docket number, which must be recorded in the header part. The caller then forward the party (and other documentation requested) within a period not exceeding 48 hours by fax to the Underwriter the number 902 875 230 or by e-mail at the following addresses: gestion@canalsalud24.comAtención telefónica que deberá ser anotado en el encabezamiento del parte. El comunicante remitirá posteriormente el parte (y otra documentación que se solicite) en un plazo no superior a 48 horas por fax a la Entidad Aseguradora al número 902 875 230 o por e-mail a las siguientes direcciones:

3. The injured should see a concerted Medical Center that was previously indicated, providing the "Communication Part accidents" duly completed, including the file number provided by the call center ( Indispensable for assistance ).

When an Insured / injured person is present in one of the Centers arranged for his / her attention (and facilitated by the Telephone Assistance Center) he / she must present the Accidents, DNI and / or Federative license, if applicable.

4. In cases of EMERGENCY VITAL , the injured can receive emergency medical care at the nearest health center. In these cases MARKEL will take care of the invoices derived from the emergency assistance provided in the first 24 hours from the date of the occurrence of the accident guaranteed in the policy.

Once the first emergency assistance has passed, the injured person must be transferred to the Concerted Medical Center to continue treatment.

In case of stay in medical center NOT CONCERTED, MARKEL will not assume the payment of the invoices derived from the services rendered.

5. In case of accident abroad coverage will be exclusively reimbursement for medical and care expenses up to the policy limits, and provided they are communicated to the insurer on schedule immediately the accident occurred. The phone from abroad is:

+34 91 636 59 60


It will be necessary to have prior authorization from the company to perform the following tests and treatments:

  • Special diagnostic tests (CT, MRI, Ultrasound, Gammagraphies, Arthroscopies, ...)
  • Surgical interventions.
  • Rehabilitation.
  • Expert Consultation.

In these cases, the Insured / injured party or the Medical Doctor or Medical Center will ask MARKEL for such authorization at fax number 902 875 230. A copy of the detailed medical report must be accompanied by the request for authorization, faxed by the corresponding authorization or Denial of the test or treatment requested.

Any test or treatment performed without the prior authorization of the company will be borne by the insured.

After obtaining the appropriate authorization shall be forwarded to MARKEL the report of the result of the test or treatment, and subsequent reports of patient outcome.

The assistance will be in charge of the concerted clinics present in the medical chart proposed by MARKEL. Not be covered medical centers assists in Social Security or not concluded (except vital emergency).


Ambulance journeys are only covered for vital emergencies, and the service must be provided through the medical staff, never through any other service.

The Care Center of the Insurance Company will carry out the appropriate follow-up that each case requires, to determine the needs and steps to be taken.


Communications between the Collective / Colegio / Tomador / Federación / Asegurados and the company's 24-hour Care Center may be recorded and recorded for the proper functioning of the service and always complying with the Data Protection Law.

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